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Nom du logiciel : tomtomax maxibox 2
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Version : 2.0.24
Auteur : GallyHC & Laurentriste
Prix du logiciel : Gratuit > (faire une donation)
Taille : 1 Mo



Language : fr 

Tlchargement du logiciel :

Prsentation du logiciel :

Ce logiciel sert faciliter le tlchargement et vrifier les versions de POI (radars, PN,...) installes sur le tomtom. Il permet en autre de tlcharger des voix de navigation et des icnes de voitures.

QuoteCette version n'est plus supporte par KoakDesign, elle est remplac par "Tomtomax Maxi-Box V3.x.x".Quote
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What Will I Get ?
C# developers who want to use Azure as platform.
Developers who want to get familiar with Azure platform.
Development knowledge on C# and .NET programming
Hands-on on Visual Studio, Good Internet Connection
Following are the labs covered in 8 hours: -
Lab 1: - Azure, Cloud, SAAS, PAAS and IAAS.
Lab 2: - SQL Server on Azure (DTU & EDTU)
Lab 3: - Azure Functions.
Lab 4: - Azure storage (Blobs, Table, File and Queue).
Lab 5: - Azure Cosmos DB.
Lab 6: - Microservices & Azure Fabric in 90 Minutes.
Lab 7: - Azure tables, Partition and Row keys.
Lab 8: - Block blobs, Append blobs & Page blobs.
Lab 9: - Azure Queues , visibility timeouts ,Peek & De-Queue.
Lab 10: - App services and Cloud services
Lab 11: - WebJob and background processing
Lab 12: - Azure DevOps Using Azure Pipleline.
Lab 13: - Micro Services Using Docker And Azure.
Lab 14: - Virtual Network (Vnet) And Network Security Groups (Nsg).